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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jeff, Apr 6, 2000.

  1. jeff

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    does anyone have an account with these people? if you do how long did it take to get a credit increase?
  2. jeff

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  3. Kathie

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    People be very cautious with Household. My 71 year old mother just got hosed by these people. They're used-car sales technique and creative accounting sound a lot like CCB. I'm filing a complaint with the Attorney General in New York. They tried to charge my mom 22% on a home equity loan and she has perfect credit. Also heard they do the same with their credit cards.
  4. Yigal

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    I am not aware Household bank issues bankcards. I am aware they offer high APR merchant cards such as best buy and micron
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  6. Fauve

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    I got a MC offer from them - are you satisfied with them? Interest rate is rather high it seems.

  7. Joan

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    Yes they do offer Mastercards and Visa. I just received a Mastercard from Orchard Bank and to my suprise I looked on the back of the card and it stated this card is issued by Household Bank Las Vegas, NV What do this mean? Does it mean I have an account with Household Bank or Orchard Bank?

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