Household Gold MasterCard = GM ?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by fletchlive, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. fletchlive

    fletchlive Well-Known Member

    I just got approved for a Household Gold Mastercard - $0 fee - $2000 CL - credit scores in the mid 600s with a few derogs. Do I have a chance at getting a Household GM card or converting my HH Gold to a GM? Don't want to waste an inquiry - thanks.
  2. rjones2002

    rjones2002 Well-Known Member

    Personally, I have a Household Bank Gold card and GM card and they refuse to combine them because they are two different companies by bookeeping (accounting) although they are under the same umbrella of Household/HSBC. Also, I think you have a high chance of getting approved for GM card. You might recieve more with GM because I have seen several people applying for GM recieving more. I have 500 CL with HHB and 2000 CL with GM.
  3. nicegsxr

    nicegsxr Member

    I just went to the GM test drive 2 weekends ago, signed up for the GM card and got a 3500CL approved. They use Equifax for their decision on this card, I have Equifax credit watch and Experian Credit Manager, the inquire only showed up on my Equifax report, so if you have a good report like I did on Equifax, I think your chances are pretty good! I am trying to apply for a Chase Universal Entertainment Mastercard or American Express Blue Cash Card, does anyone know which report these two company pulls??? Thanks in advance!
  4. willgator

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    Re: Re: Household Gold MasterCard = GM ?

    Chase pulls tu everywhere and amex pulled eq for me in fla love the universal card also like blue , but I dont have cash back .......

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