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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ACX, Aug 25, 2003.

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    I went on to to apply for a best buy credit card, which is serviced through household. The last statement that you have to agree to reads:

    "You understand that by clicking on the "Continue" button immediately following this notice, you are providing "written instructions" to Household Bank (SB), N.A. under the Fair Credit Reporting Act authorizing Household Bank (SB), N.A. to obtain information from your personal credit profile and non-credit data from Experian. You authorize Household Bank (SB), N.A. to obtain such information solely to confirm your identity to reduce the possibility of fraudulent transactions in your name."

    Am I understanding this right that they are going to pull my credit and other info from Experian? Well, thats what I thought, but low and behold, I have an inquiry on my EQUIFAX credit report! Doesnt make too much sense to me. Can someone lend their opinion on this, and what I should do?
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    Send a non PP inquiry letter to Household bank, quoting in it the section of the web site that clearly states which CRA they will pull from, stating that you did not authorize pulling of the other CRA.

    If I go into a car dealership, and the guy tells me they pull Transunion, and I agree in writing to allow them to pull Transunion, but they pull Experian, they didn't have PP.

    Did you at least get the credit? If you were refused, I would probably suggest the non PP lawsuit route, if you got approved, just live with the inquiry.

    Just my opinion.


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