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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by boomer, Aug 9, 2003.

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    I have a Household Mastercard with a $1,500 CL at 18.9% APR and $59 Annual Fee. It is one of the blue and white bubble cards. I receive HH pre-approved offers every so often and just chuckle and shred. I just got one for a HH Gold card with up to a $3k line with 3.9% APR for 6 mos (go to is about 14.0%) and no annual fee. I am thinking about calling them up to ask about converting my existing card to this. Not only will the card look better but it will be cheaper.

    Anyone have an luck with HH doing this? Should I call or write? If call, who, Customer Service or the Approval Department?

    Thanks for your advice!
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    This has been my experience with Household,

    I went into Best Buy and applied for a card. Not expecting to get it, figured what the heck the most that could happen is they say no (and I lose a few points...equifax is my worst... i thought). Anyway the lady was entering my info in and then the computer told her that she needed to call somewhere. She called household and they talked for a minute and then she handed me the phone I answered a few questions address, and social. I gave the phone back to the lady at best buy and she started writing. Next thing you know I was approved for $3000.00 you could imagine my surprise. I did check the box for the additional mastercard offer. Thinking that I was going to get a similar credit line i left the store and didnt think much about it. Well I called the household and asked the csr if i was approved for the best buy card and checked off that box what were the chances of getting the mastercard, she said 99%. that in mind I got on the internet and applied for the GM Card. waited a day called them up and sure enough I got approved for that card. (at this point they didnt have my application from best buy for the mastercard). Anyway they gave me a 2000.00 limit. I thought for sure I was getting going to get a nice limit on the mastercard. A few days later i ended up calling them back and verified my address again and the lady said i was in fact improved for the mastercard but i would only have a 300.00 limit. at first i was a little upset then i thought about the other 5000.00 in credit they just gave me so i didnt mind. Anyway in my brief experience with them if they offer you something they will more than likely give it to you and maybe a little more. hope this helps

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