How bad is this? What can I ge

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PC509, Sep 27, 2000.

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    I have 4 unpaid collections, 1 charge-off and a few late payments all more than 3 years old. I have 1 repo that is 1 1/2 years old. How bad is this? What kind of credit can I get. I was going to get a 1st Premere secured card, a FCNB secured card.
    Also, if I get my wife a Capital One card, after 2 months, if she adds me to be an authorized user, will it go on my report, as a joint app, or will it say "Authorized User"?. I want to try and get the best credit I can within the next year. Thanks

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    RE: How bad is this? What can

    Sorry to tell you this but your credit is very bad. I am not being self-righteous. Your credit sounds like mine. I got 3 collections removed using the dispute process. But my luck.

    Skip the 1st Premier...too many upfront fees that lower their skimpy credit limit!

    FCNB, according posts on this board, is supposed to be the best secured card around. Try and get one.

    I dont know anything about authorized user. But if your wife's credit is good, maybe you shouldn't try to mix your credit together. Instead you can repair your as much as possible. Go to and see if you can do something about your repo.

    Finally, try the dispute process to get the late pays removed.

    I hope you are successful. Keep Hope Alive!
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    RE: How bad is this? What can

    A year ago when I started rebuilding my credit, my sister threw me on as an authorized user on her chase card. The account showed up on my credit reports and it was added into my fico score, my "accounts in good standing", and my total revolving credit. It did report as authorized user but it helped much more than it hurt.
    Good luck,
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    RE: How bad is this? What can

    something you should know about cap one.. I have the same senerio . my wife filed for BK ang got it discharged before we got married, like 6 months ago, and she even included a capital one card that she had on it. I was still able to ad her on as a joint member !! because the credit granting was based on my credit. It's ur choice if u want to go as an authorized user or a joint applicant when it comes to cap one. If ur wife;s going to add u on . I've also managed to get her a 10 000 loan on a car 1 day after her BK was discharged for a 20 % interest , but hey one year down the line refinance ! . Which U the best of luck this credit stuff is a pain in the #33.

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