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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Robert Bro, Jan 8, 2001.

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    I have been trying to get a credit card from everywhere but they keep sending me unapproved letters or that I have to send verification of where I work or proof of my address. I live at home with my parents and they pay for all of the bills, so my name are not on any of them. As for work, I am a barber and make good money close to about $75,000 a year. I don't pay income tax. Because being a barber the customer pays you and it is about three other guys I work with and we combine the rent of the place and pay the owner. Oh, I also get paid cash. I have a checking and savings account. But that must not work. I had applied for Juniper Bank's credit card but I got denied. I am not interested in a secured credit card. I would like a unsecured credit card. How do I go about finding out my credit report? Please Help! Thanks.
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    RE: How can I get a credit car

    Hi Robert,
    Althoug every1 would like to have an unsecured $10000 limit credit card asap, you have to realize building a credit history requires time and effort... specially for someone like you or me. I would recommend that you stop applying for cards... denials only create inquiries in your credit reports and harm you. Apply for CapitalOne SECURED send in $99 and receive $200-$500 in credit limit. Cap1 will report your card UNSECURED then after 5 months apply for an unsecured Aria, Orchard, FCNB, etc, card and you'll be on your way to great credit, better offers, and high credit limits.

    In reference to Utility bills... since I know you must contribute with paying the bills at home... Talk to your parents into changing maybe the ConEd bill into your name... then call ConEd customer service and have a name changed.

    In reference to your employment... maybe the barbershop owner may help... never hurts to talk to your boss. Maybe he could help in verifying the required info.

    Good luck ! keep us posted !
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    RE: How can I get a credit car

    In other words,you DON'T pay taxes and work under the table ,so to speak,and making $75,000.00 a year and don't have any real responsibilities.I bet you DON"T vote neither.I have no real advice about which credit card company to try because I feel like if you can cheat Uncle Sam,you'll cheat anyone. Sorry,but this is my opinion.Try being an honest American citizen first.No one is going to give you unsecure credit with no employment history and I Don't blame'em.Get a life guy.
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    No credit is as bad as no credit in AMerica. You must secure a secured card for a few months and show that can pay bills before you can get a card.

    Every question on a credit application is worth points. Since you say you live at home and do not pay rent you score no points in that category. Home owners get the most points. You probably do not have a phone in your name. That would help. Verifiable income is very important. But income is not everything.

    My income is over $100,000 but i still get turned down because of my negative history. Like i said before neg. is as bad as no credit. But unlike me when you do open a secured card, you can write your own ticket in a few short months. Open a simple secured account with capital one. I recommend them because they have a very low application fee. Then you will see the offers pour in. Good Luck.

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    RE: Robert.... sorry.

    My first sentence was stupid. That should be no credit is as bad a negative credit in america. Boy I am i a dope.

  6. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: Robert.... sorry.

    My first sentence was stupid. That should be no credit is as bad a negative credit in america. Boy am i a dope.


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