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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Mar 18, 2001.

  1. Momof3

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    I posted earlier about my increase and I think I have figured out how this works in "most" cases. Last time I asked for increase on my Platinum account had for over a year, it directed me to a screen where I had to input what amount I wanted, banking info and annual income then I received word by email 2 hours later I was denied. This time as soon as I hit credit line request it took me directly to another screen congratulating me on my increase, i had 3 options, accept, not accept or lower my limit. I honestly think this is a somewhat preapproved increase. My friend last night went and requested an increase, her card was almost a year old, she was directed to the screen where she had to put in all her info like I did previously, result denial about 3 hours later. So I know most of us got the original AA series cards most around the same time. Just thought this might interest some of you, I really think if they asked for all your information that there is a good chance of possibly being denied and if your are eligible you will get instant increases.
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    That's also exactly how Amex does it. If you apply, you either get an instant increase for which you're pre-approved (no questions asked), or - if one isn't availale - asked to give employment info + hard inquiry and then get a manual decision within a few business days.

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    I just tried it earlier this week. It was instant allright. It did not ask me for any questions. If just automatically popped up with a denial, and listed the CRA (I don't remember which CRA)
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    Thanks Saar, now I know Amex does this as well, good info for future references I hope:) But I think when I am eligible to try on my gold card, I will hesitate if it's not automatic and may wait til it is. And yes with the instant increase no hard inquiry.
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    Re: Saar

    They are do that.
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    December 2000 I clicked credit line increase and it lead me to put all the information such as bank acccount#, Job and amount I want to increase. Then I put 3500 then I got instant screen telling me that they approved me for 2000 for the rest the will notify me by mail.

    5 days later I got the mail telling me that I have been approved for the rest $1500. And they pulled hard inquiry on me (TransUnion)

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