How could my tradeline really

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marie, Feb 9, 2001.

  1. Marie

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    ok, odd situation. I've got a closed (consolidated into a new one) Sallie Mae that was listed 90+ 1 time late.

    I disputed. verified. Here's the strange part. I don't believe this account is still being actively reported (paid in 98).

    But on my TransUnion account, in 6/00 they verified and sent me conf of 90+ 1 time.
    Mysteriously, since then, it's now magically changed to 90+ 2 times late. No other bureau shows this.

    Any comments as to what's happened? I'm going to try and redispute it (sure they'll say it was already verified) fortunately I still have my old "verified" report showing only 1 time 90+ late.

    How could this ever change since it's a dead account????? Do you think they have a subprogram to "slightly" change our ratings hoping we won't catch it for a year or 2? I just don't see how it could've legitimately changed!!! Comments?
  2. K.G.G

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    DISPUTE IT:paper error

    : (
  3. Marie

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    Magical Mystery self-changing

    Maybe I just have a magical tradeline that gets worse on its own. Since noone was reporting or even disputing it anymore, it makes No sense that it could self-mutate into a worse tradeline. I'm guessing they're going to say they already verified it... and thus won't reinvestigate it... and it so FTC here I come. :) Kindof hoping they'll screw this one up, actually. I'd love a little extra cash courtesy of the CRA!

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