How difficult is it to qualify

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tony V., Nov 6, 2000.

  1. Tony V.

    Tony V. Guest

    knowing that they offer the 0%apr for 6months
    and after that a fixed rate at 10.9% for a year...anybody knows how hard to qualify please post..thanks a lot!!!
  2. Russ

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    RE: How difficult is it to qua

    It requires more credit then the green but less then the gold Amex cards.. If you have ny 30 days, lots of INQ within the past 180 days, or high debt vs card ratio they will not approved you for the BLUE.
  3. dave

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    RE: How difficult is it to qua

    AMEX probably in the most conservative lender in the credit card market, with their lending products being more difficult to qualify for than their charge products.

    For Blue, you would need to have NO DEROGATORIES (and that means few inquiries in the past six months, also!!), and several pristine tradelines. Also, you would need to meet the income guideline of 20K on that card.

    They will also quickly deny for too many accounts with balances (even if your income supports them) and too many new accounts...

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