How do I cancel Junum?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by TxMommy, Apr 20, 2001.

  1. TxMommy

    TxMommy Active Member

    Hi everyone! I signed up with Junum at the end of March (2001) so that my credit could be cleaned up and then I would apply for a mortgage. Well, since I have NO patience, I applied for a mortgage before even waiting to see what Junum could do for me. I got approved (at a fantastic interest rate!!!!) and really don't need the report to be cleaned since it was good enough to get my mortgage approval.

    I certainly don't mind paying them for what they have done and am not trying to get out of monies owed to them for services rendered, but I really don't want to keep paying a monthly fee.

    Does anyone know how this process works?? Anyone cancel Junum prior to round 3? (I haven't even been thru Round 1 - hehehe)

    Thanks as always. Ya'll are great!

  2. mimi

    mimi Guest

    I'm not sure, I think you have to write them a letter. Or better yet...why not call the toll free number. I'm sure one of the reps could answer your question.

    Congratulations on your mortgage. May I ask what your score was? My score is 580. I'm with Junum axiously awaiting the results of round 1. I've already gathered up information to give to someone to see if I could qualify. What type of loan did you obtain? Was it hard to do? I'll see if I can locate that 800 # for Junum for you.
  3. mimi

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    here you go, Txmommy

    how do i unsubscribe to junum?

    simply send an email to to cancel emails. To cancel your junum membership, you would just need to contact member support at 888-990-9999. Thank you.
  4. roni

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    Re: here you go, Txmommy

    I called junum and cancelled at the 800#. It was done instantly.

  5. TX Mommy

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    Re: here you go, Txmommy

    Ya'll are just awesome!!! Ask and ye shall receive should be the motto of this board!

    My scores (I got the actual ones!) were:
    TU 658
    EXP 593
    EQ 619

    I was able to qualify for an FHA originally but the maximum amount was not enough for me to get the house I wanted, so I was able to get a conventional fixed 30 year thru Fannie Mae and ya'll will never believe my interest rate - 7.5%

    I think that is pretty darn good considering my credit. Just to recap my history:
    Perfect credit last 24 months; no lates.
    7 medical collection accounts all paid.
    3- 30 day lates on credit cards from 98
    1- 60 day late on credit card from 98
    1- 90 day late on creditcard from 98
    1st credit card obtained in 1993.
    1 new installment loan (car loan since Jan. 2001)
    2 credit cards with high balances (1 visa 1 mc)
    2 store cards with 0 balance (Foley's and Target)
    6 other credit cards with 0 balance closed by my request

    Oh, and lots of inquiries!!!

    The whole process was simple and I absolutely loved my mortgage people! They were great!!! I am meeting my realtor tomorrow morning to see the house one more time and then we are putting a contract on it.

    I can hardly believe this is happening! My mortgage people did say that even though my scores were not really "prime" they are definitely on their way up because I have been clean for 2 years. Also,all of my collections are Paid. He said it makes a HUGE difference to the underwriter.

    I'm glad to answer any questions. Believe me, I know how anxious and stressful many of you are feeling... Just hang in there and it will work out!

    Good luck and thanks for the info!

  6. Dustin

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    Re: here you go, Txmommy

    Congrats on the mortgage approval! : )

  7. popnsan

    popnsan Member

    Re: here you go, Txmommy

    Did you use a broker or lender for your mortgage ?

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