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  1. Cassidy

    Cassidy Guest

    Hey... I'm 22 yrs old and I am in need of a fast loan or credit card.. problem is - I have lousy credit. Can anyone help? Please post if you have any suggestions..
  2. Melissa

    Melissa Well-Known Member

    see the post above from me for a list, be careful! :)
  3. Credit Ran

    Credit Ran Guest

    If you get on your knees and SUCK MY DICK i will give you $5

    Credit Ranger
  4. Christine

    Christine Guest

    the perverts in the Mindspring

    The posting below and this complaint are posted at

    Are you guys at Mindspring jerking off to your users' postings? What kind of perverts work at the mindspring abuse department?

    Oh well, enjoy!

    Subject: RE: HOW O I GET MONEY FAST?
    "Author: Credit Ranger (
    Date: 05-04-2000 14:13

    If you get on your knees and SUCK MY DICK i will give you $5

    Credit Ranger"

    If you got something to say, feel free to respond at the board.

    Christine Baker


    So how about impersonating someone else AND slandering a very reputable company?
    Author: Credit Ranger (
    Date: 05-03-2000 10:22

    Everyone beware of they will mislead an rip you off please do not trust them with your Information.

    Credit Ranger
    Subject: RE:
    Author: The REAL Credit Ranger (
    Date: 05-03-2000 12:47

    Diregard the above post. "Bobby" didn't take his Ritilin today
    Regards, C.R. "

    Arizona time

    And ANOTHER one, courtesy and
    Subject: curiouser and curiouser
    "Author: Credit Ranger (
    Date: 05-02-2000 22:41

    Hey curiouser and curiouser where are you at you little FAGGOT.

    Credit Ranger"

    I think the people at Mindspring are a bunch of perverts who enjoy these postings.


    Christine Baker


    THIS posting PROUDLY presented by at

    "Author: Credit Ranger (
    Date: 05-02-2000 18:44

    Ask curiouser and curiouser once i get my dick out of his mouth.

    Credit Ranger"


    That's Arizona time.

    Mindspring just totally makes the internet the place to be!

    Mailed 5/1/00
    : curiouser and curiouser
    "Author: Credit Ranger (
    Date: 05-01-2000 08:37

    Thanks curiouser and curiouser for the Blow Job last night your were great.

    Credit Ranger"


    Posting time is Arizona Time

    How many complaints does it take to get this account closed?


    Christine Baker

    At 01:34 PM 5/1/00 -0400, you wrote:

    Thank you for your report.

    We have warned our user about this abuse of the Internet and do not
    expect any more problems from this account. If you observe any other
    activity of this nature, please let us know and it will be dealt with

    We do not condone and will not permit abusive behavior by its
    users. Though no summary judgements will be made, all complaints we
    receive will be actively investigated and action will be taken when and
    where it is appropriate. Depending upon the severity of the abuse and the
    history of the account involved, we may take any one or more of the
    following actions:

    issue warnings: written or verbal
    suspend newsgroup posting privileges
    suspend the account
    terminate the account

    The EarthLink Acceptable Use Policy can currently be found at:

    This document is intended to provide a general understanding of
    EarthLink's policy with respect to what the Company considers
    inappropriate activity on the part of its users.

    Thank you,

    Greg Poirier
    EarthLink/MindSpring Network Security
    Network Abuse Engineer
  5. bg

    bg Guest

    RE: the perverts in the Mindsp

    Christine we've read all that crap once, and
    again if you want to bitch about mindspring,
    go to their site and have yourself a blast.
    Everyone here is tired of your Cry Baby
    crap you just repeat yourself over and over.
    You deserve being slammed by bobby all the
    time because your to stupid to let it go. alot of people have told you that, but as usual your to smart to see it. Just go back to your loser Bayhouse board, and run off the rest of the people there. Maybe they will
    feel sorry for you, but not here. OK now you
    can call me names, show everybody just how stupid you really are.

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