How do I get to delete account

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by credittrou, Oct 10, 2000.

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    How do I get accounts deleted from my credit report, that are listed as Paid Collection/Paid Charge-off/ Paid Late?
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    RE: How do I get to delete acc

    You can't unless your seven years are up!!!!!
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    RE: How do I get to delete acc

    Dispute the collections, charge offs, or other negative marks as:

    not my account, never paid late, balance incorrect, or date of last activity incorrect

    Hopefully, the collection agency or credit will not respond to your dispute through the credit agency and the collection or charge off gets deleted.

    I have not been successful with any charge offs being deleted, but I have had 5 collections deleted so far.

    Good luck

    Oh yeah, be sure to send your disputes to each credit bureau certified registered mail. It's your proof that they received your request. They have 30 days to complete the investigation or the item(s) must be deleted. :)
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    RE: Can anyone recommend a Fir

    Can anyone recommend a legal firm that will dispute account with the Credit Bureaus.

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