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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by rbay, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. rbay

    rbay Well-Known Member

    I have the following credit report issues;
    1. I have an electric Co. collection account for $98.00 from 10/97 but says last deliq on 10/99. What steps should I take to fix this. I can pay the $98.00
    2.AT&T wireless for $750 from 8/97 but showing last reported on 5/99. Should I dispute and then pay?? I have similar issues with Household for $500 from 5-98 and from Providian for $800 from 7-98.

    I know there are alot of experts on this board and would appreciate the help. I am basically wondering the procedure I should follow for all of these??
  2. rbay

    rbay Well-Known Member

    please help me get started
  3. jlynn

    jlynn Well-Known Member

    They are all pretty old. Have you tried simple disputes with the CRA's?
  4. lbrown59

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  5. rbay

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