How do I proceed?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by NanaC, Apr 3, 2001.

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    My husband had an account on his credit reports with a collection agency that was his but was paid. He disputed the account in October, 2000. They have never sent verification, in fact, they said "We will not verify this account." Anyway, after many certified emails, my husband filed a complaint with the licensing board in that state...this was in December. In early feb, the state licensing board called and said they would give them 10 days "or else." We heard nothing so we followed up with a certified copy asking what was going on. We got a call today and they said that the collection agency had asked for an extension and had until next week. Why? Why do they get 6 months to verify this??

    How should we proceed?? This is ridiculous..and has been reported the entire 6 months without notice of the dispute.
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    I should have is reported as unpaid. It is a complete error as we moved and it was paid before we ever left.
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    HI!! Didn't get a reply..hoping someone might have an idea..a bit worried about this..thanks again

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