how do I remove a 13 myself?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by star, Oct 24, 2001.

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    I am new here, posted a few times, I've been reading old posts and am amazed how some of you got BK's off your report. I filed a 13 in 96, it will come off in 2003, I only have 2-3 cards on each report that state inc. in BK, my main reason was mortgage arrears, I have refinced that loan, how would I even start to get that BK off? I dont even have one CC, I still keep getting denied no matter who it is and so many of you have had so much luck. Please advise, I am so tired of being credit challenged. Thank you. (The refi was thru fha with original mortgage co, so it's not like I got a top of the line refi)

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