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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by derick, Aug 8, 2000.

  1. derick

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    I have a very bad credit history and went gung-ho one day in the persuit of a credit card. Thinking that maybe one or two would approve me, I really was not thinking straight. Now I have many more than I really need or want and wish to return them. The three from first premiere, classic, future and the centennial. They all a 250 limit and came with a 175 dollar balance. How do I go about cancelling them with no money to owe if possible, and is this a wise thing to do. Help me, sometimes I am an idiot....
  2. Stormie

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    How recently did you recieve these ? And did you use any of them yet ? Often you have 30 days, if you have not used them. It depends on the initial terms of the credit disclosure. Perhaps a phone call will help clarify this for you. Perhaps some will close your account without any fee's, but some may not. I am not farmilar with any of those banks so I'm not much help there. But I would contact the credit card issuer to see what must be done to close the account(s) and inquire if you decided to proceed with the account closure what if any fee's will be assessed at that time ? Keep us posted. And Good luck.
  3. derick

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    I will keep you posted. But for anyone who knows, If I do decide to close it, what would be the effects, negative or otherwise, to my credit report, if any? Thanks
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    If it is within the first 30 days after you have recieved it and have not made any charges you should be ok. Because it has not had any time to be reported since you have not made your first payment. But if you have had it over 30 days I would just keep the card(s). Because I dont think it would look good to have some accounts closed on your credit report. Well theres my 2 cents worth hope it helps :)

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