How do U open ck. acc. phone/O

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kev &, Feb 12, 2001.

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    Do to lost records and other personal info and also reasons we can't get into right now, can someone tell us if they know of any sources to open a checking account online. I know I have seen this on tv or cable adds some where but I can't recall where, what they were! Can you help us. I wonder if it can be done over the phone if you at least have a credit card with that bank. It could not be at its limit. Ummmmmm......what do you think.....
    kev & Pam
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    RE: How do U open ck. acc. pho

    Well here's the solution.

    Call up the bank and open an account over the phone?

    I know southtrust and fidelity national and suntrust in atlanta are fine with it.
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    RE: How do U open ck. acc. pho
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    Thanks ike,thats what I saw on


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