How do u repair Credit that wa

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Teresa, May 10, 2000.

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    Hi,i was wondering how does one go about repairing credit that was A+,last year,why,we had a medical crisis that caused alot of problems,due to hospital neglect,not medical bills or anything that was all taken care of,we had to buy the extra's and that can be just as bad,and with me at the hospital and my B/F at work it was hard to keep up with everything so some things slid off track,and now we are trying to get things back in order,also has anyone had or have a FCNB account,we had one,what happened was that we sent some items back and it took almost 4 months to credit them,and when we asked why it was taking so long,we were told thats just they way it is,so we disputed the amount of payment that they wanted,because we no longer had the merchadise,and i knew that the balence should have come down after they credited the account,but they wanted the whole amount of payment and when we told them that we were in dispute with them they said that they had not gotten the dispute in writeing,now i was told that i could dispute this verbally,over the phone,so in the end what they did was close the account and we were not told that it was closed until i called and asked why we had not recieved a bill,belive it or not they told me that if women would stop throwing the bills away then maybe,the Husband could pay them,i said that how if i threw the bills out do i have such a high credit limit,we had paid them off twice before in less than 2 years of the time that we had the account,now that this has happened my B/F has a 60 and 90 day deliquent on his credit report,and some months we still don't get a bill.What can one do to repair a great credit rateing,that once was .
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    RE: How do u repair Credit tha

    I was wondering if anyone had this type of problem!Teresa
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    Oh Well i'll figure it out.

    thought someone could give a little insight.
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    WoW! I think that is the longest run on sentence I've read in a very long time. Everyone on this board is now dumber just for reading it. May God have mercy on your soul.
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    RE: OMG

    Thank you so much,and God has had mercy on my soul,sorry i did not mean for it to be a run on sentence,i'm not very good at remembering some things as others are,I'm very sorry that inconvinced anyone.Warm regards Teresa
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    RE: OMG

    I must say that I'm totally inconvinced! Maybe your creditors don't find you convincing either. Seriously, no one can give you advice until they understand what your problem is.
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    RE: OMG

    One short well-written letter (sent registered, return recepipt) takes the place of numerous, buck-passing telephone calls to the average creditor. Calls don't protect your rights under the law, letters do. Use the law to your advantage and stop letting the credit system kill your future. Fight the system and you will prosper.

    If you can't write a convincing dispute letter, then go look through credit repair books at the library or bookstore, or here on the net.

    Also, try reading the board for a couple weeks, you'll learn so much it will amaze you.

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