How do you all know your scores?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nightowl, Jul 7, 2001.

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    Is there an easy way to find out what your score is, or do you have to be working with Junum or some other credit repair organization? I know there used to be a place on line a long time ago, but they quickly went away. Anyhow, I noticed that most posters here seem to be aware of what their score is. How do you find that out?
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    I went to the Experian site a few months back and it said I could not order my report online because I happened to live near Credit Data Southwest, which is basically a local office owned by Experian. Therefore, it said, I needed to go there to get my report. I did that just two days ago and I have it here, but it does not show my score. Should it?

    I haven't tried to get the others yet. Experian was the one I was most concerned with at the moment, though.
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    Have you tried Credit Expert yet? That's were a lot of people here are getting their Experian scores from.

    The service is offered by Experian for $79 a year. Plus you get a 30 day free trial period. I canceled yesterday since most creditors down here pull Equifax.

    Good luck.

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    BTW...I don't know how legitimate the score your getting on Credit Expert is. Nor do I think it's the same Experian Fico score you'd get if you went to the finance department of a car dealership and the finance rep was kind enough to show you your score like the fellow at World Ford did with my father in-law.

    Additionally, I think that E-Loan is still giving out credit scores and I believe that they use Experian. Again, I'm not sure how accurate these scores are. Perhaps some other posters on the board can provide you with additional information based on their experiences.

    Good luck.

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    You know, my hubby's creditexpert score is so crazy, it can't be I have my suspicions, as well.

    Then again...if it's based on craziness, it just might be correct..but his score went down when a collection was deleted...

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