How do you stay organized?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by trish6103, Sep 27, 2003.

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    I am currently using 2 3-ring binders, one for myself and one for my finacee', but all I really have right now is our 3 reports and some pages I printed out from here and highlighted. like the primer and FAQ.

    I can use my AOL reminder thingy, but that seems like a pain. Unfortunately I do not have Excel, don't know why, I thought it came with Win 98??
    Is it worth it to buy a spreadsheet program like Excel, or is it gonna end up being more hassle?

    So, for all you veterans out there, how do you stay organized and remember what letter needs to be followed up and when??
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    Do a search for "credit cure". Leebo created a program that helps you get organized.
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    Thanks Phreedom!

    Dangit, search is not working for me, keep getting page cannot be displayed. Would anyone happen to have a link to this post????
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    Never mind, found it! Thanks!
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    I have an excel spread sheet in each file folder. I have a file folder for each CRA/CA/OC. I keep track of when I sent it (or received it), the method of contact, whether it was certified or not, the certified #, the date it arrived, who signed for it, the date I got the RR back, date I expect to receive something back and notes. I also write on a calendar I can see from my chair on the date I expect to get something back (30 days/15 days/whatever), I write the name and what it was.

    I also keep copies of everything I send, and stamp them with a "COPY" stamp or a "FAX" stamp, and I stamp EVERYTHING I receive with a "RECEIVED" stamp that has a spot for the date.

    And I back up my "Credit stuff" folder to a CD-RW about once a week, as well as having hard copies of the letters I'm using. Heck I went out and bought a portable hanging file box just for this.

    It's anal retentive of me, but it works. And eventually I'll get to scanning in everything I've received.
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    3 Ring Binders:

    1) Experian
    2) Equifax
    3) Transunion

    For each I bought those plastic paper protectors that can be put into a three ring binder.

    I keep copies of letters I write in each one with the copy of proof I sent of my ID (copy of front of SS card and copy of a bill with my address on it) and receipts of the certified mail I paid for. And when the return receipt comes in I slide that in there, too. So those things are in with the actual letter, easily seen. Yes, they cover the letter up a little but I slide the receipts to the bottom so I can easily ID the letter and the dates I mailed them. Can also see the dates the CRA received my mail because I have that side of the return receipt showing.

    Then, in the same plastic protector, in the back and facing so I can see it when I flip the plastic page (or in the next plastic protector) I place the response letter. All correspondence will continue to be added this way until I have my deletions.

    4) In a very large three ring binder with those dividers with colored plastic label holders I keep print outs of helpful information. The colored label holders help break up the monotony and I can easliy spot subjects I need to access if I am not able to get on the net for some reason. Also sometimes some of the posts or info found I may not want to search for again or clutter my computers memory with it so I print it out and place it under the proper heading or create a new heading for it. Things like especially good tactics, letter templates that I, of course, customize, law, definitions I can understand, contact info, etc.

    5) A three ring binder for random letters with plastic protectors that do not go the the CRA's. For instance I wrote one to the fraud department to Cap 1 and when I got the certifed receipt back I put in in there, too. Waiting for a response now, which will also go in there.

    Have three collections that have not been reported.
    I live in a small community and actually have been dealing with all them over the phone every few months or so (I know, bad but all before I found these credit message boards). But it is so late in the game and they are strangely enough very mellow so far. But I will do the smart thing and start a collections binder anyway and research law, whether any of them are licensed to practice here and all that jazz. Since I do not want them to be reported I am going to handle my biz-nass with these guys, too. I have been lucky they have not reported but I gotta get started with that now, too. I actually keep forgetting about them because they have been so quiet but I know not to let my guard down and will begin to deal with them via mail only.

    Anyway that is how I have been staying organized. I like my computer but I need something tangible to hold an look at when it comes to keeping track. I do keep some files on my computer desktop re: websites, credit boards, some specific posts on credit boards and letters and other helpful things.

    For now just keeping credit reports I have ordered in a file in my file cabinet. I imagine that I will have received several copies by the time all this work is over. And even then I will check my info at least two to four times a year so....will have to figure out how best to file all of those, how long to keep them and all that.

    Well, hope that gives you some ideas about how to stay organized :)

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