How do you tell if your CRA fi

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by csx, Jan 23, 2001.

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    I am using Lexington to dispute items on my reports. I just got, in the same envelope, two letters from Trans Union. The first said they were doing an investigation. The second said they were refusing to reinvestiage a portion (I think just a portion) of the disputed items as they were previously investigated. The letter said, "Please use code XXXXXXXXXX in all further correspondences regarding your file." Does this mean that the file is flagged?
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    RE: How do you tell if your CR

    The credit buraus are on to Lexington Law Firm.
    Lexington is in all 3 credit bureaus BLACK BOOK.Lexington sends in hundreds of disputes on one item hopeing the bureaus will remove the negatives the bureaus are on to Lexington tricks.
    An yes your report will be flag if you hire a credit repair company but you want know it is flag only the bureaus.
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    RE: How do you tell if your CR

    Dear Susan,

    Hmmm. I don't see how that is possible for two reasons:

    1. If the credit bureaus are "on to" Lexington, then they are still allowing hundreds of deletions a week from Lexington client files (I see them with my own baby blues every time I go into their office and look at their mail bins,) and

    2. Lexington disputes are absolutely indiscernable from any other consumer dispute. You're right in assuming that a law firm that attempted to send letters on its letterhead would make it into the "black book." However, Lexington (nor Junum nor any other attorney/credit repair operation) would send in a dispute on their own letterhead. Sincerely, if you took a look at a Lexington dispute, you couldn't tell that it came from Lex.
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    Then why did Mp$40 get the- Using a credit repair co. lecture from Experian now that she is using Junum? HUmm. Guess Junum used the wrong letterhead???

  5. mt

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    RE: Jason

    I think I've received the credit repair thing once when I ordered my own credit report. Perhaps it is something standard -- I would not be concerned with it.
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    RE: How do you tell if your CR

    Hi Jason,

    I'm new to posting, but I read from time to time.

    I used Lexington a while back. After a few disputes, the only response I got from the CRA's was a letter stating that they had already investigated the item. I gave up on Lexington, but finished paying them anyway.

    Later, when I started trying to clean my report up myself, it took almost a year to get any other response from the CRA's than the "already investigated" response - they just didn't seem to take me seriously.

    I learned a lot in that very expensive school of experience. I got everything off *myself* - yes it was work, but it was worth it. And then Trans Union went looking (some insurance company did a background check, no doubt) and put something on there from 1995 - It is erroneous, and I am in the process of getting it removed now.

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    RE: How do you tell if your CR

    No. I don't think your file is flagged. I think it's just like Experian. If you look it's probably just the file number. Thus, when/if you have future corresponces with them about your file they pull the correct report.

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    RE: How do you tell if your CR

    YES, the credit bureaus are on to Lexington. YES, files are flagged everyday. There is a proper way to dispute and an improper way and Lexington falls into the latter category. Using are service like Lexington is a waste of time and money. You can get better results on your own.

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