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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PSUgirl, Mar 31, 2001.

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    Hey, can anyone give some insite on how good this: Garenteed Credit by is!

    I just ordered it from Barnes and Noble and ill be picking it up in a couple of days from the B-n-N around where I live.

    Just wondered if is something I should invest my money into and take advantage of it....even though is working on reparing my credit(waiting on round 2).

    I dont want to start disputing things like inquires while junum is too! (might get charged $8 bucks for something junum didnt do!)

    anyway, im more interested in learning tricks and nicks i can do to get some postive credit on my credit reports. There is only 3 accounts on my equifax and experian that are negative and 20 positive...and 1 account on my Trans that is negative and 20 positive.most of the positive are student loans not in repayment, and of course a TON of inquires on all three.


    PSUGIRL-go penn state!
  2. roni

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    Psu girl, I bought the book in last Dec 1999. It is full of many form letters that you can use to repair your credit. There are like 20+ credit letters.

    The book is outdated, in that it uses the old FCRA, so some info in the chapters talk about reaging accounts but that cant be done anymore.

    But besides that, the info there and the info you get from this forum is awesome.

    There is nothing like having a book with sample letters at your finger tips to jazz up a little to add your own personal touch.

    I have the book and since about a dozen of my friends have a copy.

    Good LUck!


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