How high can youre score go?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sldruck5, Jul 12, 2001.

  1. sldruck5

    sldruck5 Guest

    Does anyone know how high youre fico score can go?

    I have a score of about 550. want to know what a good score is. what should my goal be?
  2. marci

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    There are three credit reporting agencies, each of whom have their own credit scores. While the ranges differ for each agency, the general range is 300-900, with the higher score reflecting a higher (better) credit rating.

    A score of 550 is pretty low and considered "sub-prime". A credit score to shoot for is 680 and above. The average American's score is around 700-750.

    If you hang around this board, read a LOT of the previous posts and keep asking questions, you will learn in time how to improve your credit rating. Credit building/re-building that is both legal and ethical IS possible with a little time and a lot of dedication.

    A year ago my credit score was around 530. Today it is around 650. Hang around this board. It changed my life.

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