how long before balances update?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DanS, Aug 27, 2003.

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    I've made some substantial payments on one card in the last few weeks - going from $8,800 to $5,600 over six weeks. I'm very annoyed because the updated balances were incorrect - when they were at $6900 they were updated in August as $8800 and there was NO time in August when they were at that level.

    So, I disputed the balances w/each agency and they claim they've "verified the data is correct", in their own little totally incorrect ways. TU finally did get lower, but still not even to the $6900 level they should have. Alright, maybe it's a daily balance and takes a while to get "balanced"...

    So how long and how many times do I have to run into this inaccurate data? DMB tells me they're reporting correctly, CRAs say they're just showing the data they get, but for the month of August (they all say that's when they verified) the number is WRONG.

    I know that having utilization over 50% doesn't help my score much, but it sucks to wait three months for these monkees to get it right. Anything actionable here?

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