How long does CRA have to update?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by xyz, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. xyz

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    After a furnisher sends the CRA a UDF or even a letter to change information that is reporting on a consumer's credit report, how long does the CRA have to update the credit report to reflect the change in information?

    For example, if a furnisher sends the CRA an UDF to delete a tradeline how long does the CRA have to delete the tradeline? Does the CRA have a week, 30 days, 60 days, longer?

    I could not find anything in the FCRA that specifically addresses a time frame.

    Does anybody know any specific codes or any cases with the citations that specify how long the CRA has to update the credit report.

  2. xyz

    xyz Member

    Let me be clear. I wrote the furnisher letters and requested validation. The furnisher due to my letters sent the UDF and letter to the CRA and a copy of the letter to me to delete the tradeline.

    Several months passed and the tradeline still appeared on my credit report.

    So in that case how long does the cra have if not due to a dispute?
  3. ontrack

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    Was the account not owed or not yours, or was it yours but they could not validate?
  4. jam237

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    It depends on the CRA.

    I've only once seen TransUnion update based on an update without disputing it to force the deletion that way. On the other hand, Experian usually has the same tradeline deleted before I even get the letter from them saying that it will be deleted... What a drag when you wanted a copy of the credit report showing that it was deleted...

    It depends on the CRA's volume of work, when they get through the stack of updates...

    You may want to check the FTC's web site to see if there are any details on the 2000 settlement with the CRAs on FCRA violations which sets up certain guidelines for how the CRAs are supposed to respond to consumer issues (Experian just got nabbed a few months ago for violating those standards in 2001) it may have something in there hidden somewhere as to what a reasonable time frame is for responding to update requests...

    Keep in mind though that if the CRA has the form and doesn't process it in a timely manner that could be a violation of the FCRA for not maintaining adequite safeguards to ensure the accuracy of the credit files...
  5. sassyinaz

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    There are no enforceable time frames, you've not disputed with the CRA's.

    You should dispute with them and include a copy of the UDF, otherwise put your feet up and don't hold your breath!!!


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