How long till God and Platnum?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by New, Nov 17, 2000.

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    Ive just recieved my first secured credit card in the mail. Up until about a week ago I had never had a credit card. My qustion is simply: How long till I can get Gold and Plantnum card? Is there a way to speed up the process? Please advise
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    RE: How long till God and Plat

    2 years of on time payments.Need to get unsecured credit with the bank you have your secured card with after you get your credit established with them.If you want to try an application with providian for a card. go to
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    RE: How long till God and Plat

    It took me 1 year to go from Cap One secured with $200 limit to Citibank/MBNA/Discover Platinum with about 15k total limit. This is starting with clean, empty credit profile.

    Just use your cards responsibly and they'll come to you.

    The only "trick" I did was a secured loan from my bank...
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    RE: How long till God and Plat

    It took me 18 months total. My first positive trade ever, was a secured First National Bank of Marin in 4/99. I got a secured capital one in 11/99. I then cleaned up my collections which are all marked paid collections at this time with zero balances. This is not absolutely necessary to do, pay them that is but that is what I did. I got unsecured cards, about 5 of them in the Spring of 2000. I have no lates at all for 20 months. I got my first gold card from Citibank in 9/00. My first platinum card is in the mail to me now. Citibank was the first bank to approve me for a gold card. So my answer based on my own experience would be 12-24 months, keeping new trades good, inquires as low as possible and no more negatives. I hope this helps.

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    Thank all of you nfm


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