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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bobndj, Sep 26, 2001.

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    I had a credit card since 9/1999 that was bought out by Household Bank around January/February 2001.I have never been late/over etc. I believe I received 1 limit increase in 2000 but I can't remember. So after the account was bought and I received my new card I called for a limit increase and Household told me I could not get one because I have no payment history with them so I closed the account because I was mad.Well about a week later I called and reopened the account. I went to use the card and it came back declined ( I had about $300 available on the card). After several calls we finally figured out the exp. date on the card was incorrect and they said I'd receive a new card in about 2 weeks.After a month I called them back explaining the problem and they had no record of a new card being issued or whatever. I was like what the hell so I just decided to close it (4/2001). The card is just about paid off now and I wanted to reopen it to help with the ratio's but they told me it could not be reopened after 3 months and I'd have to apply again.

    Is this correct?

    Thanks and sorry so long......
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    Even if they "reopened" it, the original card number is cancelled. They would have sent your another card... It's like if you lost the card, reported it but later found it and asked for it to be reopened. They will not allow the original number to go through for security reasons....

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