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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by molly, Oct 28, 2000.

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    Just curious about how many open credit card accounts everyone has open. And if you're trying to rebuild your credit should you try to get as many accounts as possible, then before you want to get a loan close the ones you don't need to raise your score?

    Maybe it would help if I explained a little about my situation. I want to buy a new car in a year and half. So my score is not important at this time. I have clean credit for the past 2 years. I have 6 open credit accounts.
    1.Capital One Secured ($200)$300 Limit 12/98
    2. Target $200 Limit 5/99
    3. Orchard $600 Limit 7/99
    4. Citibank $2000 Limit 10/00
    5. Am Ex Secured Optima $200 Limit 10/00
    6. Capital One Gold $200 Limit 10/00

    I got copies of my credit reports in July 2000, my goal is to cut the negative items
    in half and to double my positive items on each report. For example, my Experian report was the worst. I had 10 negative items and 6 positive items. So my goal is to cut them down to 5 and and increase to 12.
    And of course some items will fall off by themselves in the meantime. So basically when I get a car, I will only have one or two negative items.
    What else can I do? The reason I feel its important to increase the positve items like that is-when I moved into my apartment in May 1999 they denied my because I had (I don't know what report they pulled or where they got this number from) 9 out of 13 negative items. They didn't care about a score, just the numbers. Luckily, I had a cosigner. Any thoughts? Does this sound like a good plan? By the way, I now have 7 negative items on my Experian report and 6 positive items. Citibank and Cap One haven't been reported yet.

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