How many times can you dispute TL?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bizwiz41, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. bizwiz41

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    I am curious about how many times you can dispute the same TL w/each of the "Big 3"?

    I see so many posts that say "...after 4 times, 5 times", etc.

    I thought you could only dispute ONCE, then you needed to add additional info. I noticed w/Experian it says "previously investigated", etc.

    Is there a "legal" limit, or standard policy?
  2. MisterX

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    CRAs will try to make you believe that there is a limit of 3 disputes per item, and then they can't re-investigate any more.

    Some reps will say that just to intimidate you and get you to stop calling and wasting their time. One less customer is one less problem to deal with.

    Don't let them deter you!

    If you believe an item is inaccurate, you can call, write, or fax your dispute as many times as it takes! You can also make a dispute on-line at each CRAs' website, but they sometimes lock you out after the 2nd or 3rd dispute...

    I would limit each dispute to once every 30 days (sometimes 3 weeks) because that is how long a "re-investigation" takes.

    You may want to make your disputes every other month, or during CHOD (during the X-Mas holiday) or any other holiday period as CRAs may be forced to delete negative accounts because they have less time and resources to complete their re-investigations.

    At some point, CRAs may label your dispute as "frivolous." According to FCRA, CRAs do not have to re-investigate items that they have already "re-investigated" or if the CRAs determine that the dispute has no merit.

    I have found that as long as you slightly alter your reason for the dispute ("not mine," "wrong date," "wrong amount," "wrong person," etc.), then the CRA has to, and will investigate the dispute because it is for a different reason.

    If you call in a dispute and a rep says that he or she can't open up another investigation, hang up, wait ten minutes, and call again. Oftentimes, for whatever reason (more helpful, new, etc.) another rep will do exactly what the previous rep said couldn't be done.

    Vary your "attack" by using fax, phone, snail-mail, and internet, and use different reasons. Persistency is the key.


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    FRIVOLOUS is always a possibility...

    I even got FRIVOLOUS when I disputed one account as who's account...INDIVIDUAL NOT UNKNOWN
  4. bizwiz41

    bizwiz41 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guys,

    Always helps to be informed!

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