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  1. kbanger

    kbanger Well-Known Member

    This thread will be the CN record of my dispute with EQ concerning the accurate reporting of SL on my credit file.

    Here is a copy of the first letter I am writing concerning this matter. All input is graciously welcome.

    Equifax Credit Info. Services

    September 18, 2002


    Dear Equifax Credit Info Services:

    I am writing to dispute the accuracy of my credit file. Currently you are reporting seven (7) items on my credit file which are incomplete. Please verify the accuracy of these accounts and update my credit file. If the information reported cannot be verified or reported accurately, please remove it immediately.

    The accounts in dispute concerning accuracy are:
    2 accounts by X
    3 accounts by Y
    2 accounts by Z

    Each of these accounts contain unknown dates concerning payment history. These unknown dates represent a negative impact on my credit score per your Fico report based on my credit file.

    I have attached documents clarifying the specific areas of dispute. Please correct these tradelines as to maintain accuracy and completeness as prescribed under the FCRA.

    I thank you for your assistance and cooperation and correcting these matters and look forward to hearing from you.



    Attachments (4)

    The attachments are copies of how the tradelines are reporting with the unknown dates and a copy of the FICO solioquy on how these accounts are negatively affecting my score

    I do not want to quote the FCRA at this time. I want them to figure it out. It is not my job to show them how to do their job. If this does not prevail, I intend to send a more detailed and instruction letter, following this one.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. kbanger

    kbanger Well-Known Member

    This is my waiting for Sassy, Breeze, Butch, George, Greg Fisher, Uniondiva, Marie, Pyschdoc, Voodochild, Thickman66 and all of the rest on those of us who participate in the American Fico to HOLLA bump.
  3. Butch

    Butch Well-Known Member


    I like the letter. It's nice, simple and to the point. Fire away.

    Alos - please link me to the FICO solioquy.

    Thanx KB.

  4. kbanger

    kbanger Well-Known Member

    I do not know how to hyperlink so I will just paste it.

    The negative factors listed below are reasons why your FICO score is not higher. Your focus on these factors will help you to raise your FICO score over time. These negative factors are provided in order of impact to your score â?? the first factor listed indicates where you stand to gain the most points over time and so on.

    The time since your most recent past due payment is too recent or unknown
    There is evidence of a late payment on your file as recent as 2 months ago. Roughly 46% of consumers have some evidence of delinquency in their credit history. Among these consumers, their most recent late payment was, on average, 19 months ago.Analysis of consumer credit histories shows that consumers with previous late payments are much more likely to pay late in the future. The FICO score evaluates not only the presence of previous late payments, but also how recently the missed payments occurred. In general, the more recently a payment was missed, the greater the risk, and the lower the score. (Most late payments stay on your report for no more than seven years. Keep in mind that closing an account on which you had previously missed a payment does not make the late payment disappear from your credit bureau report.) In rare cases, evidence of a past missed payment on a credit account is present on the credit report, but the date of the late payment cannot be determined exactly. An "undateable" credit account delinquency on a credit report still represents greater risk than never having missed a payment at all, and so it will still affect the score.There is no "quick fix" to raise your score if the late payment on your credit bureau report is valid. In order to improve your credit rating over time, it's important to pay all bills when they're due. The longer you do so, the better the score. If you have late payments, get caught up on them and do your best to stay current. As time passes the importance of these previous late payments will gradually lessen and the score will increase - as long as you make your payments on time on all of your credit obligations, and use your available credit responsibly
  5. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    breeze bump.

    Watching with interest. :)
  6. Butch

    Butch Well-Known Member

    Thanx KB,

    I have ONE 30 late pay from over 2 years ago.

    Above: "The FICO score evaluates not only the presence of previous late payments, but also how recently the missed payments occurred."

    My guess is that since the date on the unknown late is unknown the scoring model perceives the late in it's MOST UNFAVORABLE LIGHT, as most recent as possible. Like LAST month.

    Ya think?

    That would mean when it's removed it should result in a noticeable score boost, all else being perfectly clean.

    Suppose the late is corrected and posted as over 2 years ago, a score boost?


    (learning about scoring)
  7. rblues

    rblues Well-Known Member

    This is really interesting. Keep us posted!
  8. jambe

    jambe Well-Known Member

    Best of luck to you on this :eek:)

    They really, REALLY, can not follow even the SIMPLEST of instructions it seems. At least, this has been my experience as of late...
  9. sassyinaz

    sassyinaz Well-Known Member

    Almost new-daddy kbanger,

    I like it!!!!!!!!!!

    To the post office you go with green cards attached and checkbook in hand LOL.

    I'm curious what kind of plan you came up with, are you going to focus on the CRA's or the student loan creditors or both?

    Also, you should be getting the results back from this letter just in time to prepare for another round on whatever remains (knocking on wood for nothing remaining, now that would be a trick or treat to remember) for the CHOD!

    Do you monitor your reports online or will we have to wait on your mailman to deliver?

  10. kbanger

    kbanger Well-Known Member

    No baby yet, I am so anxious right now.

    POST office here we come.

    I will focus on the CRAs, I figure it will be more difficult with the OC/Servicer.

    The board has taught me, watch online for any day to day updates or shenanigans.

    Thank you all so much for your input, THE SAGA BEGINS and we will win!
  11. G. Fisher

    G. Fisher Banned

    "The attachments are copies of how the tradelines are reporting with the unknown dates... "

    What document is that?
  12. kbanger

    kbanger Well-Known Member

    Greg I copy pasted from CW exactly how the accounts are being reported. I also made sure the date of the report was there. Here is an example:

    Wednesday, September 18, 2002Your credit history from Equifax as of September 18, 2002.

    CA XYZ(Individual) XXXXXXXXX

    Date Opened January, 1991
    Date of Last Activity October, 1996
    Last Report on August, 2002

    Recent Payment History

    Seven Year Payment History
    30 days late: 1 60 days late: 1 90+ days late: 23
    1 unknown date 1 unknown date 2/2001 2/1999 1/1999 20 unknown dates
  13. voodochild

    voodochild Well-Known Member

    I am proud to have been mentioned among such sharp Creditnetters. Thank you! At this time, I donâ??t have anything of true substance to contribute. But you letter is well written and as BUTCH has saidâ?¦
    It shows your professionalism and your expectation for a professional response along with the appropriate actions being taken. I wish you the best of luck with this. I shall watch this post in great interest. Just this morning, I viewed unacceptable conclusions to my Eq reinvestigations. Iâ??ll save that for my own post. But now, my limited verbal juices are flowing. I have my own letters to write.
  14. sassyinaz

    sassyinaz Well-Known Member


    Your baby was due on the 21st, yes? Let the countdown begin -- 2 days!

    Give Mrs. Kbanger a hug from me, just for the waddling, stretch marks, poking out belly button, and all night bathroom runs, please.

    Just think of all the extra time you will be able to find with the 2a feedings, LOL LOL.

    One hand on the mouse, the other on the bottle! THAT is multi-tasking.

    I like your strategy and agree on the SL's. It's all about the details, followup and persistance -- you've got that handled!

    Let us know when that baby arrives!

  15. kbanger

    kbanger Well-Known Member

    Yes the 21st is the day, but the baby says she wants to hang out with Mommy some more before having to be smothered by Daddy for the rest of her life.

    When she arrives, It will be the most important and special posting of all on this board.

    Thank you Sassy for everything. By the way my older brother is an architect in Phoenix, in case you ever want to tear down your mansion and build a castle.
  16. G. Fisher

    G. Fisher Banned

    So, what's the dispute?
  17. jambe

    jambe Well-Known Member

    I know you weren't asking me, but it's the unknown dates. If a date is unknown that can hardly be considered complete or accurate. If nobody knows the date you were late, how can they be so sure you were actually late?

    Granted, if the creditor supplied the CRA with that info, I don't know that the CRA has any further obligation beyond normal reinvestigation of disputed accounts.
  18. FijiUCF

    FijiUCF Well-Known Member

    So, how did this turn out kbanger?

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