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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PSUgirl, Apr 13, 2001.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a question...

    On my Trans Union File there is one account that is negative or "contains information which some creditors may consider to be adverse," according to Trans Union.

    The account is MBNA America and its reported as:
    Canceled by credit grantor
    Revolving account
    Credit Card
    Individual Account
    Updated 3/01
    Opened 7/98
    Balance 1508
    Most owed 1736
    Payterms: Minimum $25
    Credit Limit: 1000
    Status as of 3/01: paid or paying as prior 28 months from last update 8 times 90 days, 3 times 60 days, 2 times 30 days late. Maximum delinquency of 90+ days occurred in 11/99.

    Pretty negative ha!, i know....was too young and too credit stupid. Anyway, since them, past 11 1/2 months, have paid on time all the time, and I am still currently paying down my balance. Im confident that the balance will be paid off by summers end.

    How can I possibly get this acccont to reflect positively on my TransUnion file. I'm going to work on repairing my credit on my own all summer!

  2. Maximus

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    Something on the file is certainly inaccurate. Just try disputing the status. For example "not mine" for starters and see what comes back. That would be chess move #1. Also send your dispute so it arrives the Friday before the first week of July when a number of people are off for Fourth of July holiday (or festivus). It more likely would be missed on the email inquiry sent by TU to MBNA in response to your query.

    Regards, Maximus

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