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    I always follow the advice on this board, you have helped me out before and as a result I now have a very respectful credit profile. I just received an up-dated profile and was suprised to see a collection debt in the amount of $99.00 from a dentist who actually overbilled me and was suppose to correct the error. The collection agency was given copies of documentation of this mistake, copies of all communiques with the dentist and his staff and notice to stop all further action and contact. Now, they have placed the debt on my profile. The dentist's office says I have to deal with the collection agency. The agency says tough, we made our case. What is the best way to remove this from my file? Thanks for your help!

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    Write a dispute letter to all 3 parties involved, The Dentist, The Collection Agency, and the Credit Bureau.

    Explain to them that you were over billed, include copies of the billing to prove your point.

    Now state in the letter (respectfully) that you are giving them 60 days to remove the derogitory item from your report, and to send you proof of the correction.

    End the letter stating to them that if the item is not removed you will file a small claims action against them (all 3) and shall hold all 3 parties "JOINTLY LIABLE" for the damages arising from this error.

    If that doesnt work file the law suit, they will then settle and include your filing costs in the settlement. These people arn't going to go to Small Claims court for $100.00 when they are wrong.

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