how to cancel Cap. 1 card?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JB, Mar 25, 2001.

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    A few days ago I received notice that I was approved for a Fleet prime visa card!!! Yeah!!! Excellent terms.

    So, I am reviewing my subprime cards (Capital One and Providian Mastercard and Providian Visa). The Capital One has only a $400 credit limit after 3 years of holding onto the card. The Providian Visa has $1800, the Mastercard $1000, and the Fleet has $2500.

    Even tho my Capital One is my oldest account (3 years), I have decided to close it unless I can get the annual fee waived permanently.

    Okay, here is my situation. Any day now, I should receive my Capital One bill which coincidentially will have my annual fee for the upcoming year. I want to pay off the balance, NOT pay the annual fee, and call to cancel the card before 30 days has passed since the billing date of the annual fee. I am not sure but I might have a couple of more charges from online purchases that did not make it to this last bill.

    How do I close an account while still having one last bill to recieve? I want to close the account so the credit report says account closed by consumer request.

    Thanks. Sorry for such a long post.
  2. JB

    JB Well-Known Member

    Should I call to cancel the card? Follow up with a letter and a cut up card? Should I mark on this month's bill (where the annual fee charge is) that I am closing account and not paying the annual fee for this year?


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