How to find a trusted bankruptcy proposal?

Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by Michael Thompson, Jul 10, 2019.

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    I was hospitalized back in 2017 because of a major road accident. I had severe injuries to my chest and shoulder with a minor brain injury. I was in the hospital for months, and when I finally got discharged, we had a large outstanding amount to pay in the hospital. About half of it was covered under the insurance, but still, we had a large sum to pay back. After the accident, I couldn't go for the job for months. When I finally did, the debts had piled up. My credit scores have gone from bad to worse. I am on the verge of bankruptcy. I tried for debt consolidation and consulted a trustee for that, but the bank and the creditors denied the debt consolidation. My family is already broke and is going through a tough phase after my accident, I don't want to lose our house too. Is there any way to get them to agree to a settlement of less than half and get the agreement in writing? I want to file a bankruptcy proposal in Toronto. I was looking for a suitable trustee for that. I was wondering if I could somehow negotiate to pay back 50% of the debt to the creditors? Do you guys have any suggestions? Please do help me. Thank you.

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