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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BobbyR, Apr 24, 2000.

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    I read someplace before about how to properly notify a bank to close your credit card account. I had a CCB card (you all convinced me to close the account before I got nailed, even though I never had a single problem with them) it seems that the account is closed (ie. when I call and try to access the automated system, it says that the account is invalid) but on my bureau, it shows a $0 balance, but doesn't say "closed account" What should my letter say?
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    RE: How to properly close an a

    To fully close an account you must return the credit cards. In person, cut in half or quarters, and get a receipt and not of cancellation.
    By mail, cut the card in 4 or 8 pieces, mail all pieces with a letter of request to cancel the account, and send it certified mail, return recept requested.
    Either way should do it, but write youself a log note as to what you did, and take it to your bank and have it notarized (free service at your own bank) while you sign and date it. This will be proof positive at any later date that you did "Cancel the card" - Jim
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    RE: How to properly close an a

    Just wanted to thank you for your posting. I was just glancing the boards and saw your reply.
    CCB, I take is is for Cross Country Bank. What a bunch of slime balls. They sliped my a $100 application fee on my first bill on the $50 membership fee. Customer service is non-existant, when you do get through to their lines you get a machine that's equaly useless.
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    Mark, Your in for alot of surprises from CCB
    or as we have come to know them:


    We here at CROOKS COUNTRY BANK are here
    to screw you 24/7, so if you ever have a
    problem or question feel free to call us.
    We have all been trained to give our CUSTOMERS the best screwing they ever had.
    We have 100's of 1000's of unsatisfied customers, we are proud of the fact that we
    lead the banking industry in unsatisfied
    customers. But we are even more proud
    of the fact that we have ruined more peoples
    credit and marriages than any other bank.
    So we are proud to have you as a new
    CROOKS COUNTRY BANK CUSTOMER, and rest assured that we will give you the best screwing you ever had and make you like it.
    ROOCO, (President, Crooks country bank)
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    RE: How to properly close an a

    That's great, but what do you do if, in total disgust with your bank, you prematurely surrendered the card to your garbage disposal? In other words, you no longer have the plastic. How are you going to close your account now?

    BTW, I agree with the anti-Cross Country sentiment around here. Definitely the worst company (credit card or otherwise) I have had to deal with in terms of customer service. And certainly the worst card to choose for anyone trying trying to rebuild/establish credit.

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