how to repay american express

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nystrom, Apr 23, 2001.

  1. nystrom

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    back in 92 i had an account with american express that was charged off. this negative item has since fallen off of my credit reports because it is past the seven years. recently i got a letter from nco stating that they now have my account and that there is a balance of $1200.00. how can i resolve this situation without any negatives reappearing on my reports. i want to repay american express but i also don't want them to place any negative marks on my reports. i have not corresponded with either company as of yet.
  2. mvfl

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    Re: how to repay american expr

    They cannot legally put the item back on your report since it is more than 7 years old.
  3. miles

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    Re: how to repay american expr

    mvfl is right. It is past the sol. They cannot add it back to your report. I would call Amex directly and ask them about paying the balance. They should transfer you to their internal collection agency and they can give you the info you need. Good luck!
  4. Chet

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    Re: how to repay american expr

    Only deal with the original creditor (Amex). And make sure that if you do strike a deal to pay them back, that this will not show on your credit reports.

    I too recently paid American Express an old debt that was included in a 1992 Bankruptcy. What I did was simply send them a check with my social security number on it! I called them about a week later and they told me that I now had a $0 balance with them.

    Call 1 800 334-0400.

    If you still have your account number, that would be very helpful. When you call give them your acount number - or if you no longer have it, your social security number. Considering a collection agency is trying to collect the debt, they may have sold it. Call to find out your options.

    Good Luck

  5. nystrom

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    Re: how to repay american expr

    thanks alot for all of the advice. i will definitely call american express directly and deal with them.

  6. Marie

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    Re: how to repay american expr

    yep. just get your account number, the payment address, and send a payment in like normal. Call a week later and it'll be paid. it's easy.

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