How to reverse a court judgement on my credit report

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by allstr921, Jun 27, 2006.

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    I was taking to court for a physical therapy visit in the amount of about $2000. The court ruled that I was liable and it is now on my credit report as public record affecting my credit score. I have alot of credit problems because my dad never paid bills he was responsible for and they went on my record. I have cleared up some diliquent accounts that are now in good standing and have raised my score from 510 to 561. My question is now that I have done research, my insurance company under my dad at the time this happened said they are responsible but didnt pay cuz my dad didnt send in necessary paperwork to prove I was in school full-time. I am in the process of getting paperwork from the insurance company and hainv them pay this bill. How to I go about getting this off my credit report since I was not liabile for this? Do I have to go to court and file an appeal and get it reveresed once the insurance company pays the bill? Thank you for your help everyone.
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    One way is to make a settlement with this debtor and have it include the dissmissal of the original lawsuit. I know it sounds crazy but there is a way to do it-I have seen it done-you would have to take the agreement to court and have them do it. Once you have proof then send this to CRA.

    As I was thinking about this: make the payment subject to dismissing the origal case or judgment and thus have the debtor have stake in getting this done.

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    IMHO this is quite hard to do. Maybe you shouldn't spend too much time on this; call it a lost cause.
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    If the insurance company gave / or will give you something in writing saying it is their debt, perhaps it would help your case.

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