How to sue Experian?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by barryzyj, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. barryzyj

    barryzyj New Member


    Experian credit reports show that I am deceased so my credit score is 0.
    This has brought too much trouble to my car loan process.

    I have called them again and again to ask them to remove this wrong
    information. The lady asked me to prove that I am still alive. I then went
    to the social security administrator office to get the official document
    which proves my alive status. They have received this official document
    for more than one week but still do nothing!

    I would like to hear any your comments to see what I should do...


  2. cap1sucks

    cap1sucks Well-Known Member

    You might want to get some extra padding for your coffin since you will probably have to stay dead for at least another 3 or 4 weeks and maybe more. They only visit their graveyard once a month so you probably won't get noticed until then. You might even have to invite them to come talk to you at your local federal court house.
  3. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    One week isn't sufficient time to entertain the notion of suing.
  4. barryzyj

    barryzyj New Member

    When I called Experian, the lady said that two options: one is to wait for their investigation which could take up to 8 weeks; the other is to provide them documents to prove my alive status in which case they can handle it immediately. Now the official document has been received by them for more than one week, I didn't see any *immediately* handling on this.

    I am losing my loan rate because of this...
  5. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    Did you lose it or are you about to lose it?
  6. creditsupp

    creditsupp Well-Known Member


    Experian gets data from various sources including the SSA when they pull up credit reports. From time to time people SSN are entered incorrectly in death benefits claims. When this happens your are not scored because creditors do not want to give credit for deceased consumer. Other times it is simply and account that probably was joint showing up with the deceased remark. The second scenerio is easier to correct since the account showing that way is simly sent a dispute. When we have helped people resolve this issue we ususlly just send a copy of SSN card to clear the issue. From time to time we had to have people go to the SSA to clear up this issue. You can understand your loan officer making sure the SSN is clear.
  7. barryzyj

    barryzyj New Member

    They told me that Chase Credit Card reported this wrong information to them. And they need to spend up to 8 weeks to investigate this with Chase (I do not understand why it will take that long).

    I never applied Chase credit and never owe any money from them. This is wierd to me.

    I am about to lose the car loan rate at 2.9%. This good deal was ended last week and the car dealer has warned me that they can not wait me forever...if I have to wait for up to 8 weeks, then I guess this rate will say bye to me.
  8. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    Sorry this has happened to you barryzyj. Unfortunately, nothing happens "immediately" at any of the credit bureaus. You've just got to be persistent, dispute the inaccuracies, and don't give up because it will certainly take longer than you expect.

    I know it's frustrating, but don't let the auto dealer jerk you around either. The dealer will tell you anything to try and sell the car faster, and my guess is you'll be able to find the same offer or an even better one as soon as you get things cleared up on your credit report. There are a lot of dealers out there right now anxious to get cars off the lot before the end of the year.

    This is a good example of why you should always pull your credit reports/scores and know exactly what your situation is before speaking with any lender. It's never fun dealing with surprises like this.
  9. creditsupp

    creditsupp Well-Known Member

    8 weeks in incorrect time frame for them quoting you. Dispute the item and Chase will have 30 days under FCRA or 45 under FACTA to verfy and change the account information
  10. barryzyj

    barryzyj New Member

    Thank you all for warm replies. I called Experian again (the 5th time) and shout to the lady (sorry about that but who really cared my calls?).
    I told them their wrong information is killing me and why they did nothing on the official documents I provided? Maybe the lady felt my frustration...anyway tonight I tried to run my credit score and I got it!

    Well, another frustration came to me when I got home...the car dealer sent me a letter to say "Notice of Rescission". What a great joke!!!!!!! It said that my loan process failed because blah blah blah. I will call them tomorrow morning and ask them to run my credit report again...hopefully this is not too late.

    Again, thank you all!

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