How to talk to a live person at Experian?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by amyl, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. amyl

    amyl Member

    I am trying to dispute info with Experian..and cannot axcess online. Too long of a story to explain. do I talk with a live person at Experian?

    I have to have a file # and cannot get that until I get my credit report. My credit report from truecredit doesn't count with Experian..and the other 2 i paid for today...doesn't count either. To get another report...I have to pay on the automated site with Experian. I cannot get a live person.

    Does any1 know how I can?
  2. msthang77

    msthang77 Active Member

    Looks like everyone is having a hard time contacting Experian. I have a feeling they are doing this automated thing to avoid doing their jobs. I HATE THEM
    Is the number posted on another thread.

  3. Suzie46

    Suzie46 Well-Known Member

    I mentioned in another post, I recently received a mailing from them (last week) and that phone number is shown on those pages. 1-800-509-8495
    I am one who has had trouble reaching someone live. I finally did, and I can't remember exactly how now, but i think I pressed the option that had me enter my report number. If there is a prompt to speak what your topic is about, say "I want to speak to a representative" or something to that effect.

    Good Luck
  4. amyl

    amyl Member

    Thanks so much. When I entered my report # it tells me it doesn't match. Then hangs up on me.
    I got it 33 days ago and I guess it has to be no older than 30 apparently I have to order another one. What a crock!
  5. amyl

    amyl Member

    # for Experian and I actually talked to person

    Well all...I found a # to talk to a live person!! I called this # cause my mother had a free report with Experian and I wanted to cncl membership and I ended up talking with someone about my report and they were not rude!

    When you have to enter the option to cncl membership...then tell them that you were speaking with someone and they told you that you can call back.

    I have been having trouble disputing online and they helped me with it. #18774816826.
    GOOD LUCK and let me know if it worked
  6. owe2much

    owe2much Well-Known Member

    A different number to call.
    Enter report number, SSN, then press 1 to dispute, but dont press any more numbers. It will give you the option to press zero after 4 or 5 times asking to press a 1 or 2 to dispute (but wait and dont press, or say anything)
  7. amyl

    amyl Member

    thx i got my report and called. I had to dispute (automated of course) and then I actually spoke with a rep and she was nice. I will be notified by mail when it's taken care of . I know that after the investigation is over there will be problems..and I will have to buy another report and wait for it and then call.

    I hate this

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