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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JerryDJ, Apr 10, 2000.

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    To assist anyone who is tired of getting collection calls, may I suggest you take a look at my Do it Yourself, phone tap guide.

    I designed it originally to help folks being attacked by Cross Country Bank to get those calls to stop, and now its being expanded to everyone in general. Feedback is appreciated via email:
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    Nice try. The truth is each state has different laws regarding the recording of a telephone converation. Some states, like Maryland(remember Linda Tripp?) require a two-party notification. That means that both parties have to know the conversation is being recorded for it to be legal and admissable in court. Many states, like mine (New York) only require one-party knowledge. That means that you do not have to tell the other party and you can use it in court. Anyone who has a message machine can record telephone conversations....look at your machine before you spend a lot money. This looks like another spam opportunity, not what the board is intended for.
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    Jerry has led the fight to bring CCB down for a long time...he is in no way a spammer, pushing thousand dollar computers for 4 times the price, or non-existent credit reair in exchange for your bank account info...

    That being said, your points are very true and valid...every state is different, and even in the effort to bring the loan sharking scum bags at CCB down, people need to make sure they are not breaking the law...

    Lastly, most answering machines will record a call that it has answered after another extension picks up, assuming it does not have a feature to disconnect when that happens. The ability to just push a button and record isn't one that is provided on most units, probably for the reasons you mention..
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    ouch, don
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    I only speak the truth...and I guess, sometimes, it hurts...or, said another way, if the shoe fits...

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