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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mike s, Apr 18, 2001.

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    hello every one. I just want to let all of you know that I applied and got approved for a secured HSBC (formerly Marine Midland) credit card. I am happy because they have branches all over NY and I think it is a sign that my credit is getting better. I also have cap one and providian.. Im gonna drop providian because they said that I was over my limit in may of 2000.. and thet because they hit me with annual fee and stated I should have know when I was gonna get charged the annual fee.. My reply was, how am I suppose to know the date of every cards fee... I closed my KMART card by capone and felt great.. have a great day... I also applied for a chase secured and will let everyone know how that works out.. they denied me a year ago. this time I sent them a letter stating that I have accounts in good standing with them and they in turn requested me to fax them a utility bill or bank statement. So I faxed them my chase checking account statement.. I will keep everyone posted.. have a nice day.. Mike
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    Funny you should write about HSBC (formally Marine Midland) because I have two HSBC accounts on my credit reports and I didn't recognize that name. I thought they were actual mistakes so I sent out a dispute saying "not mine." Well, now that I know they're Marine Midland accounts I remember what they're for.

    Congrats on getting approved.

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    HSBC cards -- only in NY

    I'm pretty sure HSBC Bank USA only issues credit cards to New York state residents. The bank only has a dozen branches outside of NYS, eight of which are in Florida.
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    Hi Mike,
    Does they show your HSBC secured card as secured or unsecured in credit report? After how long you can transfer card to unsecured?

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