Huge identity theft case

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    I just came across this article:

    How to Prevent Getting Your Identity Stolen Online

    By Bruce Stewart, Help & How-To

    One crime flourishing in the Internet age is identity theft. Unscrupulous information vendors are willing to sell whatever info about you that they can get. Since obtaining credit cards and purchasing goods online is getting easier and easier, there is greater potential for abuse, and a higher incentive for the bad guys.

    Identity theft is when a criminal takes your personal informationâ??like your name, address, social security number, mother's maiden nameâ??and uses it to establish credit and charge items to you. Identification cards and credit cards are applied for using your personal information, and once the credit cards are issued, the bills start rolling in.

    see full article at,12461,2560524-hud00025ab,00.html

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