HUGE Junum Success!! Here are

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Jan 7, 2001.

  1. Jim

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    I joined Junum 3 months ago. They disputed 21 credit items (7 with each CRA) and I have the results.

    The following were deleted:

    Two (2) foreclosure items. There is now no record of the foreclosure in my credit reports as the 3rd CRA never picked up the problem.

    Seven (7) Chapter 7 B.K. items. I still have B.K. items in my CRA reports but just imagine being able to delete seven of these babies with someone else doing the work!!!

    One (1) "Lost or stolen card" item.

    An additional B.K. item would have been deleted except that I screwed up. You see I tried to delete this item over the telephone with the CRA in September. I said the wrong thing and it got verified. This darn item was the only thing I tried to dispute on my own before I hired Junum.

    In summary, 10 items out of 21 that were disputed got removed. Looked at another way, $400,000 of bad credit disappeared at a cost of $180. What a deal.

    I will mail back my credit reports to Junum this week for round 2 of the dispute process. The items remaining all relate to the B.K. so I expect only marginal success on round 2 and round 3 of disputing. I never expect the B.K. to fully disappear without some more advanced legal help. I am also prepared to live with the B.K. as the last related item will drop off on its own in 4+ years and my credit has been substantially rebuilt since the B.K. was discharged.

    I would recommend Junum to the other members of the forum here especially those who have not started disputing yet. I strongly suspect that many people here have credit problems because they tried to dispute without knowing how to dispute properly. Now they are stuck with really hard to delete items because they said or wrote the wrong thing to the CRA's.

    Thanks for reading my post. I teach at a university and a student accidently made me aware of this forum last summer. I have learned a tremendous amount from you other contributors here since that time. I would have never heard about Junum without this forum.
  2. Alwilda Sm

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    RE: HUGE Junum Success!! Here

    Wondering . . .does Jumum copy you in on their dispute letters? Or is the format of their letters a secret? Do they sign your name to the dispute letters? How do you know how many that they dispute at a time?

    Alwilda Smith
  3. mt

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    RE: HUGE Junum Success!! Here

    I'm curious about the dispute letters as well. I'm still waiting for them to notify me that they have begun the dispute process.
  4. molly

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    RE: HUGE Junum Success!! Here

    Thats great Jim! I am thinking about joining them later in the summer when I do all I can for myself first. By the way, I have removed 13 items myself in 5 months A, andnd the only thing I had to pay was postage. Thanks for the info.
  5. Angela

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    Right on! Let's hope they do t

    Seriously, that is great. I thought it was nice that you thanked Kristi.

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