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  1. Nave

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    -----By Bbauer:
    Many of those were assigned to help with the rescue efforts and demolition of the Alphred P. Murray building after the bomb went off, and the "common talk" is that there was no possible way that McVeigh's little truck and it's 4.000 pounds of ammonium nitrate could have done the damage that was done to that building and they do not believe that McVeigh could have done the job alone or even with the help of the other little nut. But the government apparently wanted a nice handy victim and a clean quick "kill" of the public outrage that arose, so they hired a nice well known lawyer to "defend" their "victim" in order to get the public calmed down before it got out of hand. One that the public would accept, and Jones was it, and sure to lose the case.

    I won't even dignify that with a response Bill, but to say that Anthony never professed to be a lawyer. Not in my length of time reading this board.


    BTW someone call the FBI on this nut! OK I will.
  2. Erica

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    Did you know that Bill is a millionaire? In another thread, he stated that he gets 200 new customers per day. Stand by for the math:

    200 customers * $50 per signup = $10,000/day
    $10,000/day * 365 days/year = $3,650,000/year

    Now, if I did the math right, that shows that Bill should be a millionaire per his claims of 200 new customers per day. Isn't this part of the tax bracket that is getting all of the tax breaks?

    Just wondering...
  3. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Stand by for the math???

    Not quite. More like stand by for the mathematical projections of what might come to pass IF.

    Using such mathematical projections such as you propose, Einstein proved that according to his theories, if a car were to progressivly increase it's speed, it would lose so many molecules off it's front end that at the point that it exceeded the speed of light it would cease to exist in this reality but quite possibly might continue to exist in some other reality or medium yet unknown to man.

    Nobody has ever proved him wrong that I know of, so his theory still exists in some scientific circles. I seriously doubt yours will be so lucky.

    On the other hand, maybe it will exist in some other reality yet unknown to mankind. Who knows??

  4. cosjef

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    Bill--A BIG boon to your credibility would be to LOSE the Netzero address. Its akin to hiding behind a Hotmail account, and IMHO, impacts how others see you. You make enough money with Creditwrench to procure and sustain your own domain name, so why not use it for postings here?
  5. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    One simple reason.
    Here in Oklahoma, Internet service providers come and go like the winter storms. They also seem to be very unreliable and are always going down for technical reasons.

    I currently have three of them that I pay for.
    I got my first computer in 1982 and I've been on the internet as it was developing ever since. First it was computserve, then AOL then God only knows how many more.

    After a while, losing your email accounts because the ISP services go broke, skip town, screw things up and whatever else they can do to ruin you gets you gunshy, so I learned long ago not to trust an ISP I am using for internet connections to also handle either my websites nor my email accounts.

    I don't use Netzero for ISP purposes either for the same reasons, let alone their advertising bars.

    But over the last few years, they have proven to be the best no matter where I might happen to travel. I can get my mail from any telephone connection anywhere any time. And it's easy to get your incoming mail from them and send your mail out using your regular ISP.

    As you so correctly point out, many seem to think that anyone using a free email service might be hiding behind something. If they didn't use that for an excuse to pick quarrels, they'd find or invent something else and they do all the time anyway. So what else is new?
    Those kinds are like game roosters. Never satisfied with their neighbors, and usually finding something to fight about at every turn.

    Life's like that.
  6. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Actually in Bill's defense I believe he was talking about 200 new emails per day not new customers per day...If he would have responded to your post in english it may have proven less confusing than following his warped relations of einstien's theories to your question.

    Also in reading all these responses to Bill's program in that other thread, I must say I object to him simply posting things like "come to my site I can help your credit problems" I think this board is better suited to posters answering questions and offerring free advice...not advertisements from the posters.

    But I think as Randy is showing that if people are happy paying Bill for his service than why should we care. I'm not trying to stop him from selling his program, just to stop selling it here...If he gets people to come to his website with his signature line containing his web address but from answering or posting legitimate, helpful information here, then fine...If however, he posts things like:
    Please visit my website at

    I teach people how to do credit repair.

    I have never yet had any of my students fail to get their reports cleaned up no matter what their problems

    than I have a problem with it.

  7. DaveLV

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    Nave, have you ever actually followed the link you just posted?
  8. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    No, I guess I should edit the XXX though :)) LOL
  9. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Bill? Never's useless.


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