I am getting real irritated!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Carrie, May 24, 2001.

  1. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    I am getting so irritated!! And my quest has just begun!! Anyway I went to the hospital on Monday to try to get some answers about the 3 accounts that they turned over to collections and now the CRB has them. She gave me a total run around for the second time. When I asked for a signed paper showing that I was responsible for the bill they couldn't find it. She promised she would mail it. I never got it. Then I went to the original ball league insurance company to see if I could get them to re-file after 4 years. Of course he wasn't in the office he would call me back. Havn't heard from him either. His sec made copies of the bills that hospital gave me. I wonder now if I should have left those. I am back to the hospital and the insurance agency for the 3ed time. Do you think they will get tired of me?? Remember the hospital they would not remove from my file even if I paid it!
  2. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    Here's a suggestion that has worked for me when someone ignores me. Give them a reasonable time to respond. Then, start calling daily. Then, twice a day. Go by their office if necessary. Don't give up. Eventually they will realize that it is easier to deal with you than to ignore you. In other words, they will spend less time if they deal with the problem than if they have to keep taking your calls.
  3. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    This is just getting too envolved!! It is literally taking time from each and every day! I'm wondering if Junum or someone else could better help me get this resolved. I don't think I have what it takes! Anyway, I just recieved a credit report from I don't know who! I think it is equafax??? It says CSC credit services. Don't laugh! <G> I am still new to this!
  4. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    You have to get involved or they will walk all over you. The alternative is for you to pay the bills. But, the insurance should pay for them and it is not fair for them to expect you to do it.

    I had a very bad year last year. Over $150,000 in medical bills. The insurer denied every claim without giving a reason. I had to fight every bill with them. Frequently they lied and said they just paid a bill. Then, I had to fight them again. So far, they have paid everything, but only after a big fight.

    The point is that you have to fight them and get what is yours. Or, pay the bills yourself.
  5. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    Well I would pay these bills myself but the hospital told me "Too bad...they are staying on your report". So I figure, why should I pay for bills that are not mine if they are not going to take them off my report. I'm not paying! She did say that if the original insurance co paid then they would have them removed from my report. I am glad that I am only talking 500.00 I would just die if I had that much in medical bills that I had to fight the insurance over! I'm glad for you that you got them resolved. The more that I am aware of whats going on the more bills I find that insurance hasn't paid for some stupid reason. I got 2 this week. One said I have other insurance which I don't and the other said that the Dr was no longer a provider which he is!!
  6. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    I have found they will use just about any excuse to not pay. You just have to keep fighting and show them where they are wrong. Eventually they will pay.

    Their policy is that if they refuse enough times you will pay. Then they save money by letting you pay their bills. That is exactly the way Medicare and Medicaid have operated for years.

    On another note. Write down what each person says and when it was said. I have found that insurance company reps will lie and say the bill is paid. Some will go so far as to give you the check number. Then, in a month or so when you call back because the bill was not paid and they again tell you the check just went out this morning, you say "well, when I talked with you at 10:15 on May 23, you said that check number 1097 went out that morning to pay the bill. Why did you say that if it was not true?" Then, talk to the supervisor.

    Only when they know you are serious will they do the right thing.
  7. cable666

    cable666 Well-Known Member

    Did you report this lack of insurance company cooperation to your state insurance regulatory agency? You should. They are "stick" that makes sure insurance companies pay their claims.

    If you get the state govt. on your side, your insurance company will become very, very cooperative.
  8. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    I used to work for state government. My opinion is that they do little for the consumer so I have not tried that. I am hesitant to get someone else involved in the process when the final result is that everything eventually gets paid.

    Also, I have to still deal with the HMO (still have the cancer) and do not want them to be even more difficult to deal with.

    My big concern now is that some doctor does not file an unpaid bill away for a few years and then turn it over to a collection agency with a resulting black mark on my credit.
  9. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    What is that movie that Matt Damon is in that he is fighting insurance companies like this example?

    I guess that sometimes fiction is closer to reality than we thought.

    The whole situation is unfortunate, and I hope that everything works out for you.

    Good luck!
  10. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

  11. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    I just returned from the insurance co. The receptionist said "He's working on it. There is no more he can do but work on it." The hospital said, we are working on it. (referring to my asking for the document where I sign responsibility for payment). I had a ver unproductive day! I can say that 4 years ago the insurance co did what they were supposed to. It wasn't their fault that the hospital neglected to file the claim!
  12. Marypc

    Marypc Well-Known Member

    I'm with Breeze. FIle a complaint with the Dept of Insurance in your state. I work for an insurance company and when we get one of these, we have to respond PDQ, and believe me, those guys dont take BS answers from anyone. We have to get a response out to the complaining party that day, promising a complete resolution within usually 2 weeks. I work for an auto insurance company, but my Mom got the run around from her health carrier and I filed a complaint as a last resort. Got the issue resolved and the bills paid two weeks later (bills which were previously denied as not eligible for payment.) Call 411 in your area, ask for the listing.

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