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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by far gone, Nov 8, 2001.

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    Can u believe this shyt....Crooked country bank has put a credit debt on my experian report. The debt was from 12/2000 and they are saying I opened the acount 9/2001 that the debt is current not charged off and put all these late payments on there. This debt is not true. Yes I had a card with them but that was almost 2 years ago. Not only have they put it back on my reoport but the information that they are showing is not true. The date is wrong the amounts are wrong this is bogus....I am so pissed my scores went down 15 points. Isn't this wrong and shouldn't they have to prove all of this debt including a date showing I opened the account in 9/2001 which they cannot prove and that this is current which it is not..oh my god..and said that it is a collection......nothing showing that back when I had the dang card it was charged off..now they are saying it is not...

    How could they...

    Someone help me..this is not right.
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    The answer to your problem is really quite simple.
    They claim you owe the debt so you make them prove it by means of a validation letter.
    If they can't prove it then they are going to have to take it off.
    It's just that simple, unless of course they fail to validate or violate your rights in some way. If they do something stupid as is usually the case, not only with CCB but almost all other creditors and collectors, then you may have to think about finding a good attorney.

    By that time, things are not so simple anymore

    I see that you are pretty new to the board so given the way you have worded your question, I'd like to suggest that you spend some solid time looking at the various posts and learning what it is you need to do.

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