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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by anesthesia, Nov 16, 2001.

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    I finally did it. I filed a dispute letter with all the 3 credit bureaus disputing the account payment histories on a few accounts. In addition, the wrong birthdate was linked to my SSN and also, some of my twin's personal information was on my report. I sent a return receipt letter to them which was received Oct. 23. They sent me a letter Oct. 29 saying I had to be more specific in regard to my disputes. I sent them a letter back letting them know that my original letter was clear enough. They never received it. I called them 15 minutes ago asking why they had not yet launched an investigation. She said I had to give her the info on the phone all over again to start an investigation. I said I sent a dispute and they were not fulfilling their legal obligation under the FCRA. She said my original dispute letter was filed away. I was so furious I called the FTC and made a verbal complaint. The FTC said they would look into it, but suggested I either write a 100 word statement or get an attorney. What is going on here? I guess Experian knows that they are not going to be held to the law of the FCRA. What a crock.
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    I called the FTC on Experian too (about an hour ago). LOL I called and told them immediately that I wanted a supervisor, the woman asked what my problem was, I told her and she said based on what I have told her my problem doesn't need a supervisor. I was furious, I argued with her for about 10 minutes and then she said you will NOT speak to a supervisor and as a matter of fact you will not speak to me and then hung up.
    While talking to the FTTC they gave me the # to the Dallas BBB, I called them and filed a complaint (not just over this one incident but over all the shit they have pulled). The BBB gave me the Orange Ca. phone # and needless to say my 'problem(s)' were fixed within minutes. I HATE Experian.
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    Kelly, thank you for your response. I can't believe how rude and non-helpful Experian was. On the same token, the FTC regional office was no better. They probably make $5/hr. The woman didn't sound like she had any knowledge of the CRA legal obligation under the FCRA. I'm getting ready to send a 3rd dispute letter to Experian this weekend. I just called Equifax and found out one of the disputes was deleted. I think I will call my local BBB also. This situation is hurting my twin as well because 2 of my student loans showed up on her credit report and she has never been to college! This has really complicated her getting a mortgage because she is single and these student loans are huge. Experian keeps trying to put the burden of proof on me. Unbelievable.
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    I have a number for the excutive office (one of them) the womans name is Lisa Howell (might be Howe I couldn't understand her) her direct line is 972-390-4015. Her fax is 972-390-1680. I faxed her all the proof I had that EXP wasn't doing there job plus the proof from the creditors and she deleted immediately.
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    What did you expect from a puppet? ? ?
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    Forget the "100 word statement". It's a relic of the past before computer scoring came in. Nobody reads those and it may even flag your report as someone in trouble, credit-wise.

    Squeaky wheels get the grease, and wheels greased with a lawsuit squeak mighty loud.

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    LOL! I'm sorry, but your crazy if you think that the FTC or the Dallas BBB is going to do anything about Experian. You want results? You're going to have to sue them personally or contact the TX AG. ANYTHING else is a waste of your time... that simple.

    Some people/companies know they are breaking the law, but would rather continue their practices because it is more profitable until they have a financial reason to change. You can not take a corporation to jail, but you can get a financial judgement against their profits! [HINT HINT HINT!] :)
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    That's quite true. You can even get a financial judgment against the IRS if you can prove that you have standing. Grounds don't make any difference if you don't have standing.

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