I dismissed Providian!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by faztcobra, Sep 9, 2003.

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    Had them for about 2 years now and tried to cancel a year ago because they wouldn't budge off their measly $1k limit, but their R dept was pretty persuasive, so I stayed. I followed their advice to get better terms and used about $50/mo on the card for about 8 months. Called back to try and upgrade to Plat(from Get Smart), but no dice. They said their computer pretty much decides when you qualify for upgrades, better interest rates, promotions, etc. Then WTF do these village idiots even have a job for then if their computer does everything and they can't make decisions on their own? Anyway, I cut them off. After reading other posts about subprime cards possibly having a negative impact on your credit picture I deem them "good riddance".

    That was pretty much my last subprime out there. I've cleaned house after reading this board. Got rid of Crap 1 and Providian. Upgraded BofA Gold to Plat. Got Chase Plat. Got Amex Green Rewards. And still have Sears. Now to find a better card to replace the lost CL w/ Providian!

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