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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by anon, Jan 13, 2001.

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    I know Lana. In fact, Lana is my roommate's fiancee. We have a shared computer and he has his own email address (on AOL). The deal is I have creditnet.com book marked on my favorite places on IE. You can access that without being on my actual email account. I got home this evening and he told me how much fun they had last nite and proceeded to go into great detail to me. I tried to see what took place, but I'm assuming it has been erased (thank goodness). I only found this site myself about 2 wks ago and have been reading it daily (started as far back as it would let me go). I also found another board and have been reading posts there also (www.qualitycreditrepair). I'm trying to see how and where to begin. Well Lana is truly a real person. I'm just sorry that anytime I post, you will think it is her. Maybe I better not post and just read...lol. Sad thing...she is truly a very smart girl, young but smart. She is 24 and has her Master's Degree and is working on her Doctorate in Psychology. She is doing internship right now for Licensed Professional Counseling (yes, scary thought). I just thought I would apologize since I "allowed" her in a sense to have access to the board. What's worse is that I play in spades tournaments and we have a board there. Well you should see the things she put on that board. I actually got a chance to read them, and she used my NAME!! Anyway, sorry for the incovenience you all had to deal with. I can't say she won't do it again, because Kyle seems to think they had a "really fun time" last nite.
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    since Lana was on here for 2 days.
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    Yes she probably was. I have been out of town and got home last night. I am a 33yr old woman with 2 children. I don't have time to babysit Lana. If you want to take out on me what someone else did that is fine too. But I can NOT help what Lana did. How do you think I am trying to have to make up with the people I play spades with?

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