I have a BEEF w/TU not updating

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Amy B, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Amy B

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    I'm sure all of you have gone through this but it peeves me to no end that TU cannot manage to update their accounts. WHEN it suits them, they will. For example, several accounts that my DH and I have the same......his have updated and mine have not. My mother in law has at least half a dozen accounts that haven't been updated since LAST year and they are active!!! This is bs. If I dispute the BALANCE they will DELETE like they just did. It was Lowe's they deleted, but it isn't the first time. It's not right and I am sick of it. Before they deleted two other positive trade lines. Lowe's is newer than 6 mos so I'll take the bite. But right now I have several accounts they aren't updating as paid to zero which I need them to do and WHICH they've done for the dh and not ME! It's proof they *ARE* out to get me! :) But seriously, what are we supposed to do when they are clearly not even updating from the tape. Help!!

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